Top99 Best And Unique Uncommon Baby Grils Names ForMuslim

“Embrace Tradition and Uniqueness with This List of Top 99 Uncommon Muslim Baby Grils Names”

In a world filled with timeless traditions, finding a unique and meaningful name for your baby grils can be a delightful challenge. Explore our carefully curated list of the top 99 uncommon Muslim baby Grils names that blend tradition with a touch of uniqueness.

Top99 Best And Unique Uncommon Baby Grils Names For Muslim
Handsome mid adult father changing clothes and diaper to his nine month old baby boy at home.
Serial No. Name Gender Origin Pronunciation Trend Category Meaning Meaning (Urdu) Religion
1 Aisha Girl Arabic eye-sha Uncommon Alive, Living زندہ رہنا Muslim
2 Bilqis Girl Arabic bil-kees Uncommon Queen of Sheba بلقیس Muslim
3 Zainab Girl Arabic zay-nab Uncommon Beautiful, Graceful خوبصورت، خوشی Muslim
4 Yasmin Girl Persian yahs-meen Uncommon Jasmine Flower چمیلی پھول Muslim
5 Fatima Girl Arabic fah-tee-mah Uncommon Captivating, Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) بھت خوبصورت، حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ وسلم کی بیٹی Muslim
6 Iman Girl Arabic ee-mahn Uncommon Faith, Belief ایمان Muslim
7 Khadija Girl Arabic kah-dee-jah Uncommon Premature Daughter جلدی پیدا ہونے والی بیٹی Muslim
8 Lamya Girl Arabic lam-yah Uncommon Dark-Lipped ہنسی ہوئی ہونٹ Muslim
9 Naima Girl Arabic nay-mah Uncommon Tranquil, Peaceful سکون، امن Muslim
10 Rukhsar Girl Persian rookh-sar Uncommon Cheek, Face گال، چہرے کی خوبصورتی Muslim
11 Sadira Girl Arabic sa-dee-rah Uncommon Noble, Excellent بہترین، عظیم Muslim
12 Tahira Girl Arabic tah-hee-rah Uncommon Pure, Chaste پاک، صاف Muslim
13 Umaira Girl Arabic oo-may-rah Uncommon Living a Long Life طویل زندگی Muslim
14 Vanya Girl Persian vah-nyah Uncommon Gracious, Beautiful مہربان، خوبصورت Muslim
15 Xara Girl Arabic zah-rah Uncommon Princess, Flower شہزادی، پھول Muslim
16 Yusra Girl Arabic yus-rah Uncommon Prosperous, Wealthy خوشحال، دولتمند Muslim
17 Zara Girl Arabic zah-rah Uncommon Princess, Flower شہزادی، پھول Muslim
Top99 Best And Unique Uncommon Baby Grils Names ForMuslim
Baby, face and closeup of newborn, eye and vision with health, development and growth in early childhood. Eyesight, pupil and iris with curious infant, healthy kid and growing with child care
Serial No. Name Gender Origin Pronunciation Trend Category Meaning Meaning (Urdu) Religion
18 Aliza Girl Hebrew ah-lee-zah Uncommon Joyful, Cheerful خوشی، مسکراہٹ Muslim
19 Banan Girl Arabic bah-nan Uncommon Delicate, Fingertips نرم، انگلیوں کی خوبصورتی Muslim
20 Celine Girl French seh-leen Uncommon Sublime, Heavenly عظیم، آسمانی Muslim
21 Dalia Girl Arabic dah-lee-ah Uncommon Dahlia Flower ڈالیا، پھول Muslim
22 Elif Girl Turkish eh-leef Uncommon First Letter of Arabic Alphabet الف Muslim
23 Farida Girl Arabic fah-ree-dah Uncommon Unique, Precious بے مثل، قیمتی Muslim
24 Gulzar Girl Persian gool-zar Uncommon Rose Garden گلزار Muslim
25 Haleema Girl Arabic ha-lee-mah Uncommon Gentle, Patient نرم، صبری Muslim
26 Inaya Girl Arabic ee-nay-ah Uncommon Concern, Care معاونیت، دیکھ بھال Muslim
27 Jannat Girl Arabic jah-nat Uncommon Paradise جنت Muslim
28 Karima Girl Arabic kah-ree-mah Uncommon Generous, Noble بخشش، نجیب Muslim
29 Layla Girl Arabic lay-lah Uncommon Night, Dark Beauty رات، کالی حسینی Muslim
30 Mina Girl Persian mee-nah Uncommon Enamel, Precious Stone اینامل، قیمتی پتھر Muslim
31 Nour Girl Arabic noor Uncommon Light, Radiance روشنی، چمک Muslim
32 Orkide Girl Persian or-kee-deh Uncommon Orchid اورکڈ، ایک پھول Muslim
33 Parisa Girl Persian pah-ree-sa Uncommon Like a Fairy پریوں کی طرح Muslim
34 Qudsia Girl Arabic kood-see-ah Uncommon Holy, Sacred مقدس، پاک Muslim
35 Rania Girl Arabic rah-nee-ah Uncommon Queenly, Gazing ملکہ، تجھے گھورتے ہوئے Muslim
36 Shireen Girl Persian shee-reen Uncommon Sweet, Pleasant میٹھا، خوشبو دار Muslim
37 Tala Girl Arabic tah-lah Uncommon Gold سونے Muslim


Top99 Best And Unique Uncommon Baby Grils Names For Muslim
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Serial No. Name Gender Origin Pronunciation Trend Category Meaning Meaning (Urdu) Religion
38 Uzma Girl Arabic ooz-mah Uncommon Greatest, Supreme عظیم، اعلی Muslim
39 Vida Girl Persian vee-dah Uncommon Life, Existence زندگی، موجودیت Muslim
40 Wafa Girl Arabic wah-fah Uncommon Faithfulness, Loyalty وفا، وفاداری Muslim
41 Xena Girl Arabic zee-nah Uncommon Hospitable, Welcoming مہمان نواز، خوش آمدید Muslim
42 Yara Girl Arabic yah-rah Uncommon Butterfly تتلی Muslim
43 Zayna Girl Arabic zay-nah Uncommon Beauty, Grace حسن، خوبصورتی Muslim
44 Afsaneh Girl Persian af-sa-neh Uncommon Story, Fable کہانی، قصہ Muslim
45 Bahar Girl Persian bah-har Uncommon Spring بہار Muslim
46 Cyrus Girl Persian sigh-rus Uncommon Throne, Sun تخت، سورج Muslim
47 Darya Girl Persian dar-yah Uncommon Sea, Ocean دریا، سمندر Muslim
48 Elnaz Girl Persian el-nahz Uncommon Dear, Beloved عزیز، محبوب Muslim
49 Fereshteh Girl Persian feh-resh-teh Uncommon Angel فرشتہ Muslim
50 Golnaz Girl Persian gol-nahz Uncommon Flower of the Pride گل کی عزت Muslim
51 Hadiya Girl Arabic hah-dee-yah Uncommon Gift تحفہ، هدیہ Muslim
52 Iram Girl Arabic ee-ram Uncommon Paradise جنت Muslim
53 Javid Girl Persian jah-veed Uncommon Eternal, Everlasting ہمیشہ رہنے والا Muslim
54 Kiana Girl Persian kee-ah-nah Uncommon Elements of Nature پرکاری، طبیعت کے عناصر Muslim
55 Laleh Girl Persian lah-leh Uncommon Tulip لالہ Muslim
56 Mahtab Girl Persian mah-tahb Uncommon Moonlight چاندنی، رات کی روشنی Muslim
Top99 Best And Unique Uncommon Baby Grils Names ForMuslim
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Serial No. Name Gender Origin Pronunciation Trend Category Meaning Meaning (Urdu) Religion
57 Nayab Girl Persian na-yab Uncommon Rare, Precious نایاب، قیمتی Muslim
58 Oksana Girl Persian ok-sah-nah Uncommon Praise, Glory تعریف، جلال Muslim
59 Parinaz Girl Persian pah-ree-nahz Uncommon Beautiful, Fairy خوبصورت، پری Muslim
60 Qamar Girl Arabic kah-mar Uncommon Moon چاند Muslim
61 Roshan Girl Persian roh-shan Uncommon Bright, Luminous روشن، چمک Muslim
62 Simin Girl Persian see-meen Uncommon Silvery چاندنی، چاند جیسا Muslim
63 Tandis Girl Persian tan-dees Uncommon Celebration, Jubilation جشن، خوشی Muslim
64 Uzra Girl Arabic ooz-rah Uncommon Virgin, Pure عفیف، پاک Muslim
65 Viona Girl Persian vee-oh-nah Uncommon Purple بینگنی، جمیلہ Muslim
66 Widad Girl Arabic wee-dad Uncommon Love, Affection محبت، مودت Muslim
67 Xerxes Girl Persian zerk-sees Uncommon Warrior, Heroic جنگجو، بہادر Muslim
68 Yalda Girl Persian yahl-dah Uncommon Longest Night of the Year یلدا، سال کی سب سے لمبی رات Muslim
69 Zoya Girl Persian zoh-yah Uncommon Alive, Life زندہ، زندگی Muslim
70 Armeen Girl Persian ar-meen Uncommon Strong, Energetic مضبوط، زور آور Muslim
71 Behnaz Girl Persian beh-nahz Uncommon Bestowing, Generous بہناز، فراخ دل Muslim
72 Caspian Girl Persian kas-pee-an Uncommon Of the Caspian Sea کسپین، خزر کا Muslim
73 Diba Girl Persian dee-bah Uncommon Pretty, Beautiful خوبصورت، حسین Muslim
74 Elnara Girl Persian el-nah-rah Uncommon Light, Radiance روشنی، چمک Muslim
75 Farzaneh Girl Persian far-za-neh Uncommon Wise, Intelligent دانا، ہوشیار Muslim
76 Golsa Girl Persian gol-sah Uncommon Rose Water گلاب کا پانی Muslim


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