Top99 Best And UniqueUncommon Baby Girls Names For Hindu

In a world filled with timeless traditions, finding a unique and meaningful name for your baby girl can be a delightful challenge. Explore our carefully curated list of the top 99 uncommon Muslim baby girl names that blend tradition with a touch of uniqueness.

Serial No. Name Gender Origin Religion Pronunciation Trend Category Meaning Meaning (Hindi)
1 Anika Girl Sanskrit Hindu a-ni-ka Uncommon Graceful, Sweet-faced अनिका, सुंदर चेहरा
2 Bhavya Girl Sanskrit Hindu bhaa-vya Uncommon Grand, Splendid भाव्या, शानदार
3 Charul Girl Sanskrit Hindu cha-rul Uncommon Beautiful, Gracious चारुल, सुंदर
4 Divisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu di-vi-sha Uncommon Goddess of Victory दिविषा, विजय की देवी
5 Ekisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu e-ki-sha Uncommon Unity, Oneness एकिशा, एकता
6 Falisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu fa-li-sha Uncommon Happiness, Joyful फालिषा, खुशी
7 Githika Girl Sanskrit Hindu gi-thi-ka Uncommon Song, Hymn गीतिका, गीत
8 Hritvi Girl Sanskrit Hindu hrit-vi Uncommon Earth, Beloved हृत्वी, पृथ्वी
9 Ishita Girl Sanskrit Hindu i-shi-ta Uncommon Desired, Goddess इषिता, इष्ट देवी
10 Jiya Girl Sanskrit Hindu ji-ya Uncommon Heart, Life जिया, दिल, जीवन
11 Kavya Girl Sanskrit Hindu kahv-ya Uncommon Poem, Literary काव्या, साहित्यिक
12 Lavitha Girl Sanskrit Hindu la-vi-tha Uncommon Graceful, Elegant लविथा, सुंदर
13 Myra Girl Sanskrit Hindu my-ra Uncommon Sweet, Admirable मायरा, मिठा, प्रशंसनीय
14 Niyati Girl Sanskrit Hindu ni-ya-ti Uncommon Destiny, Fortune नियति, भाग्य
15 Oviya Girl Sanskrit Hindu o-vi-ya Uncommon Artist, Beautiful ओविया, कलाकार, सुंदर
16 Prisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu pri-sha Uncommon Beloved, Loving पृशा, प्रिय
17 Qiana Girl Sanskrit Hindu ki-aa-na Uncommon Gracious, Silky कियाना, कृपाशील, रेशमी
18 Ritara Girl Sanskrit Hindu ri-ta-ra Uncommon Bestowed with Wealth रितारा, धन से समृद्ध
19 Shreya Girl Sanskrit Hindu shre-ya Uncommon Auspicious, Fortunate श्रेया, शुभ
20 Trisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu tri-sha Uncommon Noble, Pure त्रिशा, नैक, शुद्ध
21 Umika Girl Sanskrit Hindu u-mi-ka Uncommon Goddess Parvati उमिका, देवी पार्वती
22 Vanya Girl Sanskrit Hindu va-nya Uncommon Gracious, Charming वन्या, कृपाशील
23 Yuvika Girl Sanskrit Hindu yu-vi-ka Uncommon Young Maiden, Princess युविका, राजकुमारी
24 Zara Girl Sanskrit Hindu za-ra Uncommon Princess, Flower ज़ारा, राजकुमारी, फूल

Top99 Best And UniqueUncommon Baby Grils Names For Hindu

Serial No. Name Gender Origin Religion Pronunciation Trend Category Meaning Meaning (Hindi)
25 Aashi Girl Sanskrit Hindu aa-shi Uncommon Smile, Joyful आशी, हंसीदा
26 Bhumika Girl Sanskrit Hindu bhu-mi-ka Uncommon Earth, Role भूमिका, पृथ्वी
27 Chahat Girl Sanskrit Hindu cha-hat Uncommon Love, Desire चाहत, प्रेम
28 Devika Girl Sanskrit Hindu de-vi-ka Uncommon Goddess, Little Devi देविका, छोटी देवी
29 Eshita Girl Sanskrit Hindu e-shi-ta Uncommon One who Desires एषिता, इच्छुक
30 Falguni Girl Sanskrit Hindu fal-gu-ni Uncommon Born in Falgun (Spring) फाल्गुनी, वसंत ऋतु में जन्मित
31 Gaurika Girl Sanskrit Hindu ga-u-ri-ka Uncommon Fair Complexioned गौरिका, सुंदर वर्ण
32 Harsini Girl Sanskrit Hindu har-si-ni Uncommon Full of Happiness हार्षिणी, खुशी से भरपूर
33 Ilisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu ee-lisha Uncommon Queen of the Earth ईलिषा, पृथ्वी की रानी
34 Jivisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu jee-vi-sha Uncommon Life, Courage जीविषा, जीवन, साहस
35 Kshirja Girl Sanskrit Hindu kshir-ja Uncommon Born in Milk क्षीरजा, दूध में जन्मित
36 Lavanya Girl Sanskrit Hindu la-va-nya Uncommon Grace, Beauty लावण्या, सौंदर्य
37 Manisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu ma-ni-sha Uncommon Goddess of Mind मनीषा, मन की देवी
38 Nandini Girl Sanskrit Hindu nan-di-ni Uncommon Daughter, Joy नंदिनी, पुत्री, आनंद
39 Ojal Girl Sanskrit Hindu o-jal Uncommon Lustrous, Shining ओजल, प्रकाशमान
40 Pari Girl Sanskrit Hindu pa-ri Uncommon Angel, Fairy परी, फेरी
41 Qirat Girl Sanskrit Hindu ki-rat Uncommon Recitation किरत, पठन
42 Rithika Girl Sanskrit Hindu ri-thi-ka Uncommon Stream, Wave रितिका, धारा
43 Saanvi Girl Sanskrit Hindu sa-an-vi Uncommon Goddess Lakshmi सान्वी, देवी लक्ष्मी
44 Tanirika Girl Sanskrit Hindu ta-ni-ri-ka Uncommon A Sacred Water Lily तनिरिका, एक पवित्र जलकुंभ
45 Urvisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu ur-vi-sha Uncommon Of the Earth, Beautiful उर्विषा, पृथ्वीसुंदरी
46 Vaidehi Girl Sanskrit Hindu vai-de-hi Uncommon Sita, Goddess Sita वैदेही, देवी सीता
47 Wishita Girl Sanskrit Hindu wi-shi-ta Uncommon Desired, Wished For विशिता, इच्छित
48 Xyla Girl Sanskrit Hindu zi-la Uncommon Moonlight ज़ायला, चंदनी
49 Yuvisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu yu-vi-sha Uncommon Young Lady युविषा, युवति
50 Zinia Girl Sanskrit Hindu zi-ni-a Uncommon Beautiful Flower जिनिया, सुंदर फूल

Top99 Best And UniqueUncommon Baby Grils Names For Hindu

Serial No. Name Gender Origin Religion Pronunciation Trend Category Meaning Meaning (Hindi)
51 Anvitha Girl Sanskrit Hindu an-vi-tha Uncommon Goddess Parvati अन्विथा, देवी पार्वती
52 Banhi Girl Sanskrit Hindu ban-hi Uncommon Fire, Flame बांही, अग्नि, आग
53 Chitrani Girl Sanskrit Hindu chit-ra-ni Uncommon Bright, Beautiful चित्राणी, उज्ज्वल
54 Driti Girl Sanskrit Hindu dri-ti Uncommon Courage, Morale दृति, साहस, मनोबल
55 Ekaksha Girl Sanskrit Hindu e-kak-sha Uncommon Single-eyed एकाक्षा, एक आंख वाली
56 Falak Girl Sanskrit Hindu fa-lak Uncommon The Sky फलक, आकाश
57 Gopika Girl Sanskrit Hindu go-pi-ka Uncommon Cowherd Girl गोपिका, गोपनीया
58 Havya Girl Sanskrit Hindu ha-vya Uncommon Sacred Offering हव्या, पवित्र बलिदान
59 Idhika Girl Sanskrit Hindu id-hi-ka Uncommon Another Earth इधिका, एक और पृथ्वी
60 Jivisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu jee-vi-sha Uncommon Life, Courage जीविषा, जीवन, साहस
61 Kshirja Girl Sanskrit Hindu kshir-ja Uncommon Born in Milk क्षीरजा, दूध में जन्मित
62 Lavisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu la-vi-sha Uncommon Inner Beauty लविषा, आंतरिक सौंदर्य
63 Manavi Girl Sanskrit Hindu ma-na-vi Uncommon Humanity, Daughter of Man मानवी, मानवता, मनुष्य की पुत्री
64 Nithara Girl Sanskrit Hindu ni-tha-ra Uncommon Unique, Matchless निथारा, अनूठी
65 Ojal Girl Sanskrit Hindu o-jal Uncommon Lustrous, Shining ओजल, प्रकाशमान
66 Parnika Girl Sanskrit Hindu par-ni-ka Uncommon A Small Leaf पर्णिका, एक छोटी पत्ती
67 Qushti Girl Sanskrit Hindu kush-ti Uncommon Happiness, Satisfaction कुष्टि, खुशी, संतोष
68 Ruvisha Girl Sanskrit Hindu ru-vi-sha Uncommon Bright, Goddess Laxmi रुविषा, उज्ज्वल, देवी लक्ष्मी
69 Shubhi Girl Sanskrit Hindu shu-bhi Uncommon Auspicious, Graceful शुभी, शुभ
70 Tithira Girl Sanskrit Hindu ti-thi-ra Uncommon Sacred Time, Auspicious तिथिरा, पवित्र समय

Top99 Best And UniqueUncommon Baby Grils Names For Hindu

FAQs: Uncommon Baby Girl Names for Hindus:

“Q1: What specifies a name as “”uncommon”” for Hindu infant ladies?
A1: Unusual Hindu infant woman names are those that are unusual or otherwise extensively used. These names usually have special significance, appearance, or social value, establishing them aside from even more usual names.

Q2: Can you recommend some unusual Hindu infant lady names with a human-like touch?
A2: Certainly! Names like Anika (Grace), Kavya (Poetry), and also Riya (Singer) are not just uncommon but likewise have a cosy, human-like quality.

Q3: How do I guarantee that an unusual name is still socially suitable in Hindu customs?
A3: Research the social as well as historical context of the name to guarantee it aligns with Hindu customs. Seeking advice from relatives or senior citizens can likewise offer understandings right into social significance.

Q4: Are there particular significances connected with uncommon Hindu child lady names that stimulate a feeling of positivity?
A4: Many uncommon Hindu names have favourable definitions. For instance, Anaya (without a flaw), Aaradhya (worshipped), and Amara (immortal) all have favourable undertones.

Q5: Can I produce a one-of-a-kind mix for an unusual Hindu child woman name to make it a lot more individual?
A5: Absolutely! Incorporating aspects from purposeful words or names can lead to a special, coupled with a customised name that still holds social value.

Q6: Are there social events or routines connected with calling a child a lady in Hindu customs?
A6: Yes, in Hindu customs, the Namkaran event is a considerable occasion where the child’s name is picked along with being introduced. This event is commonly accompanied by petitions as well as true blessings.

Q7: How can I guarantee that an uncommon Hindu infant lady name is simple to articulate as well as mean?
A7: Opt for names with clear enunciation and simple spellings. This makes sure that the name is conveniently recognised and kept in mind by others.

Q8: Can I include members of the family in the procedure of selecting an uncommon Hindu lady name?
A8: Yes, including members of the family can make the procedure extra unique. Reviewing possible names with members of the family can additionally offer important understandings and produce a cumulative decision-making experience.

Q9: Are there unusual Hindu infant woman names influenced by nature or components?
A9: Certainly! Names like Vanya (timberland), Neela (blue), and also Aadhya (initial power) attract motivation from nature as well as aspects, including a distinct touch to their uncommon allure.

Q10: How can an uncommon Hindu infant lady’s name add to her originality along with personality growth?
A10: An uncommon name can impart a feeling of originality. It can likewise function as a source of satisfaction, motivating the kid to accept her unique identification as well as her social heritage.

Q11: Can you supply pointers for uncommon Hindu infant woman names that bring a feeling of poise along with elegance?
A11: Certainly! Names like Ananya (unique), Riya (sophisticated), and Aishwarya (success, wide range) produce poise and elegance, making them both uncommon, coupled with fine-tuned options.

Q12: How do I strike an equilibrium between originality and social vibration in an uncommon Hindu infant lady name?
A12: Aim for a name that really feels distinct to you while still mirroring the social and etymological wealth of Hindu customs. Investigating name beginnings coupled with significance can help strike this equilibrium.

Q13: Are there details, mythological recommendations, or historic numbers that motivate uncommon Hindu infant woman names?
A13: Absolutely! Names like Sita, Damayanti, and Subhadra attract ideas from Hindu folklore, supplying a one-of-a-kind as well as culturally abundant alternative for young ladies.

Q14: Can an uncommon Hindu infant lady name have a modern-day touch while still being rooted in practice?
A14: Yes, names like Aarna (Goddess Lakshmi), Kyra (Sun), and Naira (Shining) mix modernity with practice, using a modern yet socially purposeful selection.

Q15: How can I make sure that an uncommon Hindu infant woman name is very easy for non-native audio speakers to articulate?
A15: Opt for names with simple phonetics plus generally utilised noises. Stay clear of excessively complicated mixes to make the name available to a more comprehensive target market.

Q16: Can an uncommon name add to a young lady’s confidence and self-confidence as she ages?
A16: Absolutely! An uncommon name can cultivate a feeling of individuality, possibly increasing a kid’s self-worth as well as self-confidence as she welcomes her private identification.

Q17: Are there particular local impacts that I should think about when selecting an uncommon Hindu child lady name?
A17: Yes, Hindu names might differ regionally. Take into consideration the etymological and social subtleties of the area or neighbourhood you are related to to make sure the name aligns with those impacts.

Q18: Can an uncommon Hindu child woman’s name be motivated by favourable features or merits?
A18: Greatly! Names like Prisha (beloved), Saanvi (Goddess Lakshmi), and Eesha (wish) personify favourable characteristics, including deepness, together with a definition of their uncommon charm.

Q19: Can I make use of a mix of names or produce a one-of-a-kind variant to make an uncommon Hindu child lady name?
A19: Yes, integrating aspects from several names or producing a special variant can lead to a distinctive name that still holds social importance.

Q20: How can an uncommon Hindu infant lady name mirror the social variety within Hinduism?
A20: Consider names from various etymological and social histories within Hinduism. This strategy makes sure a varied as well as comprehensive depiction of the abundant iteration of Hindu customs.

Q21: Are there uncommon Hindu child lady names that signify stamina and durability?
A21: Absolutely! Names like Tanisha (Ambition), Vritika (Courageous), and Ishita (Powerful) have definitions that symbolise stamina together with durability, making them one-of-a-kind as well as encouraging selections.

Q22: How can I guarantee that an uncommon Hindu infant lady name lines up with astrological or numerological factors to consider?
A22: Consult with professionals in astrology or numerology to discover names that line up sympathetically with astrological or numerological facets, making sure a holistic method to call choice.

Q23: Can I discover uncommon Hindu infant woman names with a link to art, songs, or literary works?
A23: Certainly! Names like Swara (music note), Kala (art), and also Sahitya (literary works) have imaginative as well as social connotations, making them one-of-a-kind and imaginative options.

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