Hindu Baby Names Start with C

Hindu Baby Names start with C reveal much more information than one may actually know. Your name has the power to affect your personality and overall destiny. In fact, your name holds answers to a lot of questions and it says a lot about your personality traits. Check out what the first letter of your name being ‘C’ reveals about your personality!

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Hindu Baby Names Start with C

Chaarudattborn of beautyBoy
Chakora bird that loves the moonBoy
Chaaruhaaswith beautiful smileBoy
Chahelgood cheer chain, peaceBoy
Chaitanyalife, knowledgeBoy
Chahalgood cheer, painBoy
Chakora bird that loves the moonBoy
Chakradevlord vishnuBoy
Chakrapaaniholding a chakra in hand, lord vishnuBoy
Chakradharornamented with chakra, lord vishnuBoy
Chakravarteea sovereign kingBoy
Chakreshbeautiful eyeBoy
Chamanflowering gardenBoy
Chamanlalgarden champak, a flowerBoy
Chanakfather ofBoy
Chanakyason of chanakaBoy
Chandakthe moonBoy
Chandavarmanan old kingBoy
Chandeedasname of a saintBoy
Chandrathe moonBoy
Chandraabhaalusture of moon lightBoy
chandraadityaname of a kingBoy
Chandraananmoon like faceBoy
Chandraayanthe moonBoy
Chandrabhagariver chenabBoy
Chandrabhanthe moonBoy
Chndrachurlord shivaBoy
Chandraguptname of ancient kingBoy
Chandrahaassmiling like a moonBoy
Chandrakina peacockBoy
Chandrahasbow of shivaBoy
Chandrakpeacock featherBoy
Chandrakantathe moonBoy
Chandraketumoon bannerBoy
Chandrakiranmoon beamBoy
Chandrakishorethe moonBoy
Chandrakirthias famous he moonBoy
Chandramaulilord shivaBoy
Chandrakumarthe young moonBoy
Chandranaththe lord moonBoy
Chandramohanattractive like a moonBoy
Chandraprakashmoon lightBoy
Chandrarajmoon beanBoy
Chandrasenthe warriors of moonBoy
Chandrashekharone who holds moon In his hair(lord shiva)Boy
Chandrathanectar of the moonBoy
Chandravadanmoon like faceBoy
Chandreshlord of the moonBoy
Chandrodayamoon riseBoy
Chandrapreedname of shivaBoy
Chapalclever, restless, lightingBoy
Charakan ancient physicianBoy
Charanjitone who has won over the lordBoy
Charuagreeable, charming, genteelBoy
Charudattaborn with beautyBoy
Charusheelof good characterBoy
Charuvardhanaone who enhanse beautyBoy
Charuvindhastriving for beautyBoy
Charuvratof good characterBoy
Chatreshlord shivaBoy
Chaturaananwith four facesBoy
Chaturbhujfour armedBoy
Charulekhabeautiful pictureGirl
Chaturvedilearned four vedasGirl
Charusheelaa jewelGirl
Charvia beautiful womenGirl
Chandanasandal woodGirl
Chandania riverGirl
Chandikadiminutive of chandanaGirl
Chandrabalikrishna's girl friend (goddess)Girl
Chandrabhagariver chenabGirl
Chandrabinducrescent moonGirl
Chandrajadaughter of the moonGirl
Chandrakina peacockGirl
Chandralekshaa ray of the moonGirl
Chandraniwife of the moonGirl
Chandramathias beautiful as the moonGirl
Chandramukhias beautiful as the moonGirl
Chandratarathe moon and the stars conjoinedGirl
Chandravathilit by the moonGirl
Chandrimathe moonGirl
Changunaa good womanGirl
Chapalarestless, lightingGirl
Charubeautiful, attractiveGirl
Charulatabeautiful creeperGirl
Cauveryname of a riverGirl
Chahanadesire, affectionGirl
Chaitaliborn in the month of chaitraGirl
Chaitalynaem odf an ancient cityGirl
Chakoria bird enamored of the moonGirl
Chalanmanjirathe moving anklet bellsGirl
Chamelia creeper with flowersGirl
Champaa flowerGirl
Champabatithe capitalGirl
Champaklia bud of champaGirl
Champakavathiowner of champak treesGirl
Champamalinigarland of champa flowerGirl
Champikalittle champa flowerGirl
Cheliyanrich, resourcefulBoy
Chellamaniprecious gemBoy
Chellamuthuprecious pearlBoy
Chetanconsciousness, lifeBoy
Chetanaperceptive, consciousnessBoy
Chetanaanandsupreme joyBoy
Chhandakthe charioteer of lord buddhaBoy
Chidaakaashabsolute brahmaBoy
Chidaatmasupreme spiritBoy
Chidambarone whose heart is as vast as the skyBoy
Chidambaramhome of lord shivaBoy
Chidanandabeling always happy, lord shiva Boy
Chidhatma big soul Boy
Chimancurious chinar, name of a beautiful treeBoy
Chinmaythe supreme beingBoy
Chinmayanandablissful, supreme consciousnessBoy
Chinmayusupreme consiousnessBoy
Chintamaniphilosopher's stoneBoy
Chinthanaichelvenintelligent, thoughtfulBoy
Chintyaworthy of thoughtBoy
Chitrangwith multicolored bodyBoy
Chithayuborn of intellectBoy
Chiteshlord of the soulBoy
Chitrabaahuwith beautiful handsBoy
Chitrabhanuthe multifaceted sunBoy
Chitraguptgod of destinyBoy
Chitraguptasecret pictureBoy
Chitraketuwith beautiful bannerBoy
Chitralof multple colour, paintingBoy
Chitrakshbeautiful eyedBoy
Chitasena king og gandharvasBoy
Chitreshmoon, wonderful lordBoy
Chitaraththe sunBoy
Chittaswarupthe supreme spiritBoy
Chitteshlord of the soulBoy
Chittaranjanone who pleases the mindBoy
Cholana south indian dynastyBoy
Chudamanijewel adorned by the godsBoy
Chyavanname of a saintBoy
Chunmaysupreme consiousnessBoy
Chhavviimage, radianceGirl
Chidhroopiname of parvathiGirl
Chitragandhaa fragant materialGirl
Chitralekhaas beautiful as the pictureGirl
Chitralia row of picturesGirl
Chitrarathiwith a bright chariotGirl
Chitramalaseries of pictureGirl
Chitraniriver gangaGirl
Chitramayawordly illusionGirl
Chitragadaone of arjuna's wivesGirl
Chitrapicture, a nakshatraGirl


Hindu Baby Names Start with C Letter

Each letter of our alphabet carries its own attributes, vibrations, characteristics, and energy. This, in turn, influences the vibration of your name. The initials of your name can give indicate your personality traits. The Letter ‘C’ represents creativity, competence, and magnitude. Let’s check out what the first letter of your name has to say about you.

C is, by nature, successful, self-contained and a natural money maker. It has a strong connection with Earth and is a lover of nature. This letter symbolizes creative potential. They are self-motivated and very controlled individuals who are driven to succeed as artists. Many of the people whose name starts with H are destined to make most of the living doing what they love to do. They prefer to rule rather than be ruled by someone and seek a mate who can improve their reputation and ability to grow.

Hindu Baby Name Start with (Chu) & (Chi) letter

C’s (cha) – (chi) letter start name look life in a practical manner and are extremely ambitious and principled with money. Born with an innate sense of business awareness, C’s make great leaders. Patient and observant by nature, they work very hard to reach their goals. On the negative side in relationships, they can be too possessive and self-involved.

By nature, they are successful, self-contained, and a moneymaker. They have a strong connection with the earth and are a lover of nature. As dynamic as they are, they live a hustle, bustle kind of lifestyle. They can make their mark in the world. Desire partnership in business and marriage, and must learn to give and take.

Hindu Baby Boy & Baby Girl Name with Meaning

They like living in the fast lane. They like to expand and enlarge their world continuously. They need to remind themselves to slow down because they are often taking on new and exciting projects. They can be aggressive when they are committed to an undertaking or relationships. Emotional; they can be too sensitive and quickly hurt, which may cloud their usually good judgment and sense of morality.

Have a difficult time making decisions because of their ability to see the both sides of a question. They need spiritual unfoldment or they feel burdened. They can be easily hurt and often feel used, as they are very emotional and feel things deeply. The element of self-sacrifice, martyrdom or self-pity and “poor me” are present.


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